The Original Juice Co. was created in Melbourne, Victoria in 1988 by experienced juice maker Nick Thyssen with a simple aim: To make the best tasting juice

As chilled juice became more popular, Nick realised that premium quality juice was not widely available, so in 1997 decided to create a new range for his customers to enjoy.

Inspired by his love of the finest quality scotch whiskey, Nick launched Original Juice Co. Black Label orange juice. Unlike many other juices, Original Juice Co. Black Label orange juice is not made from concentrate and has no added sugar or preservatives. In order to distinguish his product from the rest, Nick also packaged the juice in a clear plastic bottle so customers could easily see the colour and clarity of the juice they were buying.

We continue to extend our range with delicious new flavours and unique fruit blends and because Original Juice Co. Black Label orange juice is still made without the addition of concentrate, sugar and preservatives, you can rest assured that you are drinking a quality juice that Nick would be proud of.