Australia’s best tasting juice

Since 1988

Over 30 years later, we still squeeze our juice fresh every day.

Like many of the finer things in life, making great-tasting orange juice is an art. It takes years of learning to perfect and a lot of love and dedication to bring you that full, sweet, natural fruit flavour in a juice — fresh from the tree.

The journey from orchard to you is one we have carefully crafted since 1988.

Finest fruit growers

It starts with the finest fruit, sourced from Australia's premium citrus-growing regions. From the Murray Valley to the Riverina, warm, sunny days and well-drained, sandy soils produce the perfect environment to grow the sweetest, juiciest oranges in the world.

For over three decades, we have worked hand-in-hand with the best growers in the country. Many are family farms, with people who have nurtured their passion and pride – and learned their craft – for up to four generations.

These close personal relationships enable us to harvest our oranges at exactly the right time, then transport and squeeze fresh juice within hours of the fruit being picked.

Precision blending

Producing perfect flavour all year-round takes precise planning. As the seasons change, carefully selected varieties of Navel and Valencia oranges are harvested and then blended by our highly-trained professionals. Using state-of-the-art cold press technology, we gently extract the juice to ensure year-round consistency, balance, and the great Original Juice Company taste.

Processed on site in Melbourne

Our juice is 100% Australian, a premium, natural product made with sustainable practices from farm to fridge — for purity, flavour and freshness of the highest quality.