is important to us

How we do it

All of the fruit is used

Only about 50% of an orange is juice, so what happens to the rest of it? Original Juice Company has always valued environmental sustainability and we make sure that the remaining 50% isn’t wasted or sent to landfill. We’ve spent years developing technology ensuring that 100% of the original orange is used. Fortunately, leftover squeezed oranges are rich in active compounds and have high nutritional content.

Using a special emulsion technique, valuable oils are extracted from the orange peel to find use in aromatherapy, domestic cleaning agents and even environmentally friendly pesticides! The remaining peel and pulp is processed into high performance agricultural feed via a joint venture with Castlegate James. 

Imperfectly perfect fruit

A lot of great fruit gets discarded because it doesn’t meet an arbitrary aesthetic standard and contributes enormously to a global food waste problem. We don’t do that. Our fruit is judged on sweetness, taste, consistency and nutritional value — not on looks!